• The academic peer-reviewed international journal Libri Magistri is published by Department of Linguistics and Literary of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University.
  • Libri Magistri was founded in 2015.
  • The Editorial Board consists of leading Russian and foreign specialists.
  • Journal does not charge APC
  • Publication periodicity: 4 issues per year
  • Place of publication –Magnitogorsk.


  • Libri Magistri primary focus is to inform academic community about new discoveries and achievements in the field of literature, linguistics and philological education.
  • The Journal’s publications are the results of a significant number of scientific researches of both recognized specialists and young graduate and doctoral students, academic chronicles, conference materials and round table discussions as well as critical articles and reviews of articles addressing the issues related to the academic fields covered by the Journal.


  • to form a discussion scientific field ensuring the improvement of research quality and efficiency of experimental scientific works;
  • to consider as priority materials related to new directions in the study and teaching of philological disciplines, to take into account the degree of novelty and originality of research in selecting articles for publication;
  • to facilitate scholarly dialogue between scientists - philologists and practical pedagogues;
  • to promote innovative scientific and methodological ideas, original methods and educational technologies.

Libri Magistri  publishes scientific works covering: Russian and world literature; history of genres; Russian novel and in general Russian prose in its different modes (publicism, epistolary, small genres); philosophy of literature; literature as a form of public consciousness, literature and reality, literature and myth, the literary process, artistic method, analysis of the "one" work; conceptual science; comparativistics; responses to the jubilee dates of the classic writers and to the "jubilees" of some classical works; problems of modern Russian and world literature, topical issues of literary theory, as well as works promoting new methods of studying literature and what Russian formalists called "literary fact"; issues of studying the relationship of Russian literature with other national literature; semiotics; problems of style of writers, writers' language; issues of fiction translations; stylistics, linguistic poetics, rhetoric, text linguistics; problems of intermediality: cultural texts; axiological models; philology and interdisciplinary relations, philology and it-technologies. 

Journal Sections:

  • Axiological Models
  • History and Theory of Genres: The Dialectic of Form and Content
  • Communication Research in Philology
  • Comparativistics Today: Tasks – Ideas – Schools
  • Linguistics of the Text
  • Cultural Linguistics and Country-Specific Studies
  • The Methodology of Teaching Philological Disciplines
  • Scientific Life
  • National Model of the World in Literature
  • Translation and Translation Studies
  • Poetics of the Russian Literature
  • Russia and the West: Historical Myths and their Reflection in the Texts of Culture
  • Semiotics: the World as a Text
  • Linguistic poetics. Rhetoric
  • Philological Text Analysis: Traditions, Types and Concrete Examples
  • Philology and its Field of Research, Development Prospects
  • Philology and Interdisciplinary Connections
  • Philosophy of Literature

ISSN (print): 2587-6945


Libri Magistri is open access journal, which means that all its content is freely available without charge to the user or download, distribute, copy, print, search or link to the full text of the papers, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without asking prior permission from the publisher or the author. In accordance with the BOAI definition of Open Access the only restriction to distribute and the only condition for copyright should be the author 's right to control the integrity of his work and mandatory references to his name when using the article and quoting it.