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The article is devoted to the analysis of Internet sites of educational organizations. An attempt is made to qualify educational sites and consider their features. The originality of educational sites is due to the use of several genres within one platform (journalistic, scientific, PR-genres, advertising, etc.). This, in the author's opinion, distinguishes the discourse of an educational website from other types of computer-mediated communication.

Websites of educational organizations in addition to genre originality, have a number of features that are caused by both the technical capabilities of the site and its interactivity, and the peculiarities of the perception of information by the audience. One of the main goals of this discourse is to create a positive image of higher education organizations to attract applicants, leading scientists, sponsors and dissemination of information about the achievements of the University and its staff in the field of education and science as well. In many ways, the reputation and image of an educational institution depends on the means of creating a positive image and on the extent to which the discourse of the University achieves its goals.

The study was conducted on the material of the texts of the official website of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University. The analyzed as well as the main links and headings. It has been identified that in the process of using the site can be modified and transformed in accordance with the objectives of the discourse; a variety of strategies-informative, communicative, modal-evaluation can be applied.

Key words

Education, Website, Educational Organizational, Internet Space