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DOI 10.52172/2587-6945_2022_20_2_22


The article deals with the history of the development of Bashkir travel notes of the 18th – late 20th centuries, including such genres as hajname (hajj – pilgrimage to holy places) and sayhatnam (suyәkhut – travel), which appeared in the Middle Ages in connection with travels to holy places. They were printed in the Old Turkic language in the 18th century, and in Bashkir in the 20th century. The first Bashkir writers who turned to these genres were T. Yalsygul, A. Kargaly, G. Sokoroi, M. Umetbaev, later M. Karim, R. Bikbaev, R. Khazhiev and others.

The article traces the evolution of the genre from the 18th to the end of the 20th centuries using specific examples of travel notes, showing the variety of their forms: letters, reflections, notes. It is also noted that at present the Internet is making adjustments to the literature and travel notes give way to the rapidly developing travel journalism.

The originality of the genre and its poetics are considered in detail. The works of Bashkir writers such as T. Yalsygul, A. Kargaly, M. Umetbaev, G. Sokoroi, M. Karim, R. Bikbaev, R. Khazhiev et al were used as the research material.


Bashkir literature, journalism, genre, travel notes, 18th – the end of the 20th centuries, Bashkir writers.