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DOI 10.52172/2587-6945_2021_18_4_149


The article "Media Strategies of Expertise" explores such contemporary phenomena as a "media personality" and "expertise". The author pays special attention to the strategies of achieving a level of expertise in the media community. The author connects the stages of achieving expertise with the development of the most popular skills in the 21st century: creativity, critical thinking, ability to collaborate and communicate, as well as such personal qualities, as curiosity, initiative, leadership, persistence, social and cultural awareness. Media strategies for achieving expertise correlate with personal brand building strategies.

The article reveals the main stages of achieving expertise and forms of transmitting expertise:

  • acquiring the necessary knowledge and experience of activities;
  • using open educational resources;
  • individualization of learning;
  • development of emotional intelligence;
  • using communication and collaboration tools;
  • possessing the skills of working with information and using technical tools, the ability to use a computer and various programmes and platforms, learning and using interactive technologies to position oneself as an expert;
  • creating a YouTube channel, a group, a community on social networks VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook; messengers;
  • familiarity with references (examples), market and competitor analysis;
  • formation of the personal brand concept;
  • practising in writing your own texts (in a broad sense) and presenting them in the public internet space;
  • attracting the target audience;
  • activity in social networks; in the online space;
  • participation in expert communities;
  • impact on society.

The article also outlines the criteria for achieving expertise. The formation of an expert media personality in the modern conditions of the digital era allows a person to realize his or her social and personal potential in the best possible way.


Expertise, expert, media personality, media strategies, social networks, target audience, content.