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The subject of this paper is the reception of literature on literary blogs and web portals, and the question of the status of literary texts on the internet. The first part of the paper examines the connection between the (non)linearity of literary texts, the phenomenon of hypertext and web literature. The main part of the paper is dedicated to examining the manner in which literature enters the field of web literature and “functions” on web portals and literary blogs. Moreover, it is particularly important to pinpoint the benefits and drawbacks of publishing a literary text on a literary blog or a portal. We establish how certain prejudice pertaining to the quality of texts published on web portals and blogs can influence our judgement when deciding whether to publish or read texts online. Other factors taken into consideration are the importance of (self)advertisement on literary blogs and portals, as well as the question of easier and wider accessibility of web literature to readers. We study how social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – influence the advertisement on literary blogs and web portals, as the so-called „social media marketing“. One other important topic is the possibilities of social media that have to be used more when publishing literary texts online, like sharing, retweeting, liking, sharing the fragments of a text from web portals or blogs on the official page of another portal or a blog, on Facebook, Instagram, or Tweeter. The research provides new insight into the question of choosing where to publish your text online and why it is, for example, more preferable for a literary text to be published on a recognizable portal than on a personal literary blog.

Key words

Literature, internet literature, web-journals, literary blog, online poetry.