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Importance and novelty of the research are determined by the necessity of depicting the place of a modern municipal library in the cultural and educational space of a little town, its ability and role in spreading and popularization of philological and other types of knowledge, improvement of the quality of human capital and the need to delineate the perspectives of collaboration of librarians and philologists.

Libraries have always played a major role in the enlightenment of citizens and continue to do so in the 21st century. They still function as widely accessible place to receive a wide range of cultural and educational services. In the recent years Russians of different ages, including Magnitogorsk citizens, have shown rising interest in the problems of the Russian language and literature, in reading as a form of self-development, in the study of foreign languages and cultures. A range of projects to fulfill such needs are implemented in the Branch Library № 2 of the "Ob'edineniegorodskikhbibliotek" ("Town Libraries Union", Rus. "Объединениегородскихбиблиотек").

The article contains the first review of the original librarian projects of philological nature that are implemented in a municipal library. It describes the achievements, problems and perspectives of such projects and contains a range of issues that can lead to continuation and further extension of collaboration between a library and philologists and other specialists of higher education institutions.

The goal of this article is to share the experience of applied philological technologies in the librarianship, analyze achievements and difficulties and delineate the perspectives of further development. The results of the conducted study can be used in planning the activities of other libraries and in developing of educational programs for future librarians and philologists, as well as for students of other faculties and in teaching of various philological disciplines.

Key words

Modern library, librarianship, philology, communication, mental outlook, social networking, librarian projects, collaboration.