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DOI 10.52172/2587-6945_2021_16_2_58


The works of F.M. Dostoevsky are topical all over the world. The popularity of the works is created by F.M. Dostoevsky's individual authorial style – "idiostyle". In his works, Dostoevsky himself experiences reality together with the hero, constantly trying to involve the actors in extraordinary situations. That is why we often encounter unorthodox scandals in his works. One of the main distinguishing features used in Dostoevsky's work is his complexity of the interconnection of all phenomena in his works. In the work of Fyodor Mikhailovich separate, unconnected facts. They all depend on each other. This feature is manifested in the fact that all the events described by Dostoevsky in his works have incompleteness: the narrative is not completed, the facts of the events are contradictory, the lack of specificity, it seems that everything is in process. The protagonists of the stories most often act strangely, unexpectedly, in a way that heroes would not do in ordinary works. Goodness and justice are combined with evil and meanness. The dialogic beginning for Dostoevsky of the world is based in everything he portrays. The peculiar brevity, precision and unstoppable plot give Dostoevsky's style a unique, special combinations of the verb, noun with preposition. Dostoevsky's special "idiostyle" is largely due to the peculiar realism of this writer, whose credo is a sense of the other, of something higher. Dostoevsky himself called his work "fantastic realism." The structure and plot of most of Feodor Mikhailovich's works, beginning with his first novels, are built on a strict sequence of time line. The creative world of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky's works is a world of freedom and strangely connected facts and events.

Key words

F. M. Dostoevsky, idiostyle, creativity, relevance, idioglosses, fantastic realism.