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DOI 10.52172/2587-6945_2021_16_2_117


The paper focuses on the analysis of the semantic potential of the titles of F. M. Dostoevsky's novels. It is suggested that in the names of his own novels the author already laid fundamentally important, conceptual, certain "metameanings," addressed to readers of the future. The names of Dostoevsky's novels are considered in a wide hermeneutic aspect. Among the titles analyzed from this angle are "Poor People," "Humiliated and Offended," "Crime and Punishment," "Idiot," "Demons," "The Adolescent", "Brothers Karamazov." So, for example, the process of analyzing the first name takes into account not only what Belinsky drew attention to – the social perspective (materially poor characters, heroes to one degree or another of impoverishment), but draws attention to the fact that the concept of poor people characterizes all the heroes of the novel who managed to lose themselves, having lost genuine life values. In the novel "Humiliated and Offended," as shown, the metameaning of the title is determined by the association laid down in it, correlated with the dynamic spiritual vertical. The title "Crime and Punishment" makes you think about the precepts and spiritual maxims that the heroes violate, to understand why and with what outcome they do it. The multiple meanings of the novel "Idiot" are unconditional. In addition to the traditional meanings that are considered in the work, it is also noted that the definition of "idiots" can be referred not to the main character of the novel, but to ourselves, since Myshkin is perfect, and we are not and therefore it is not for us to judge him. "Demons" is a novel conceived as a denunciation of revolutionary ideas. But the meaning of the title is wider. It's about obsession. The metameanings of the titles of previous novels, as shown in the work, are anchored to the last novel "The Karamazov Brothers" in a single logic. Dostoevsky makes us think about the fact that people, like his heroes, are faced with a choice – brotherhood or "Karamazovschina."

Key words

F. M. Dostoevsky, novels, metameanings, titles, meaning.