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DOI 10.52172/2587-6945_2022_19_1_121


The analysis of technology packages is an important predictive technology. Any technology package is built around the basic and closing technologies. The basic technology provides the basic functionality of the package, and the closing technology defines the scope of the package. In this paper, it is proposed to expand this method by analyzing the ultimate technologies of technology packages. Ultimate technologies are technologies that ensure the maximum achievable result of using a technology package at a given level of development within the framework of the current technical and economic structure.

Examples of ultimate technologies are considered both in various branches of technology and among humanitarian technologies. It is shown that the accumulation of ultimate technologies is a sign of a possible change of the technology package, and the rejection of ultimate technologies without changing the technology package is a form of phase retracement. The literary genres of steampunk, dieselpunk and high fantasy are built on the assumption that the technological development of technology packages of steam, electricity and internal combustion engines, and magic, respectively, stopped.

It is hypothesized that ultimate technologies and ultimate technical systems created on their basis have objective aesthetic properties and, therefore, evoke a natural emotional reaction in the observer.


Technology package, ultimate technology, ultimate technical system, ultimate humanitarian technology, technical aesthetics, objective aesthetics, dialectics of aesthetics.