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In the focus of attention there appear two "comic stories" of F. M. Dostoyevsky written in one period. In respect of art gender studies between works undoubted communication is observed. In the story "Uncle's Dream" the author in a comic look draws a picture of a victory of "feminism" in the family relations. In "The village of Stepanchikovo" the counter option is given – the result of adverse effect of men's influence of Foma Opiskin on Rostanev's family is shown. As the intriguer who is skillfully manipulating due to knowledge of female psychology in the story the man – Mizinchikov acts. From this image the gallery of male characters in the subsequent creativity of F. M. Dostoyevsky develops: prince Valkovsky, Svidrigaylov, Totsky and others.


Art gender studies, mismatch plot, feminism, anti-feminism, male and female roles.