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The search for ways of social integration in the present period determines special attention to the awareness of human identity. The importance of understanding oneself through the Other is recognized by many domestic and foreign thinkers. A modern person living in the age of consumer culture, in order to understand the deep essence of being, the human soul, his own and the other, you need to be able to ponder, feel into the «co-being» of the Other.

Therefore, it is interesting to think of the Russian Symbolists in the possibilities of realizing their essence in comparison with the Other, as something that is different from the Other.

In Russian symbolism, the problem of self-awareness through the Other is viewed in the context of understanding the symbolic nature of art, recognizing the Apollonian and Dionysian types of creativity. In the symbolic art, the real experience of «I» – the Other is accomplished. The Dionysian idea is interpreted by Ivanov as the awakening of consciousness in the personality: a number of inner states of each person appear as Other. The Dionysian element, despite its impulses and madness, is «organizing chaos», it changes the structure of the consciousness «I».

The concept of the Other in Ivanov's teaching is considered in two meanings: The other as the otherness (the other in general) and the Other as the other face of my «I”. Both concepts are united by the idea of individual self-understanding. Concepts exist, explaining each other: the otherness of the Other will be revealed through understanding of oneself and vice versa. The main thought reasoning Vyach. Ivanova: a person for self-consciousness should constantly strive to understand the Other, who is not only near, but within his own world of personality.

Ivanov's ideas about art as a means of overcoming by a human face of his personal and human consciousness and connection with of the Other, nature, the world can become one of the directions in the search for ways of self-awareness.


The problem of the Other, Russian symbolism, the nature of art, Vyach. Ivanov