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The spiritual and mental essence of the concept "Russian Christ" is studied in the article, its religious, axiological and apocalyptic components are marked out. The specificity of its poetical realization in the poem "Vot on – Hristos – v tsepyah i rozah…" by A. Blok is considered. The axiological characteristics of the Russian Christ are proved to be connected with national ideas of the meek and submissive God. The concept ―Russian Christ‖ is realized in spatio-temporal structure of the poem, in motifs of a lyrical hero‘s likening to Christ, in apocalyptic motifs of dying and Resurrection, in symbolic images of the path, the gospel grain of wheat, the icon, in colour symbolism, in Russian landscape, and in the gospel reminiscences.

Key words

Russian Christ, Concept, Ethnic Specificity, Lyrical Hero, Symbolism, Motif, National Self-consciousness