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DOI 10.52172/2587-6945_2022_22_4_91


The purpose of the article is to study the specifics of artistic modeling and representation of the images of the four primary elements in modern video poetry, presented at the international festival "Videostichiya" in 2021-2022. The archetypal aspects of the topoi of earth, air, water and fire which are reflected in the motif-shaped structure of the poetic works of Maximilian Voloshin, Arseny Tarkovsky, Robert Rozhdestvensky, Garcia Lorca, Sheil Alex and their transmedial transformation in the media product are considered. The symbolic content and archetypal structure of the images of the four primary elements of the universe are revealed through the implementation of the phenomenological approach and the method of mythopoetic analysis in the study. The ways of transforming traditional images-symbols with the help of audio visualization into a unique author's media text are determined.

The author comes to the conclusion that the popularity of modern video art is largely due to the fact that the intermediality and syncretism of video poetry makes it possible to activate several channels of sensory perception simultaneously (through video, music, sounds, voice and text), which, of course, significantly enhances the rhythmicity, sound and visual effects, kinesthetic modality of the text, and therefore, its suggestive potential. The unprecedented suggestiveness of media poetry, its ability to influence the addressee's consciousness through their subconscious is also increasing due to the metaphorical and mythopoetic nature of video art, the archetypal nature of video clips. The videos, in which the images of the four primary elements of the universe appear, are the clearest example of how modern video-poetic creativity enhances the impact of poetry, practically putting the viewers into a trance, close to a state of altered consciousness and creative ecstasy. The dominant presence in video poetry of archetypal images of the four primary elements of the universe: earth, air, fire and water – is both the cause and the consequence of the incredible suggestiveness of video poetry.


Video poetry, media art, archetype, mythopoetics, primary elements, elements.