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DOI 10.52172/2587-6945_2022_22_4_51


The article examines the artistic originality of films shot in one room, or the main part of the action of which takes place in a fixed place, limited by the physical limits of space. The space of a chamber film is analyzed as a chronotope of an "iconic place" for the hero. The author’s attention and research is focused on the "hero's journey" in a closed space, in fact, the chronotype of a closed space itself, and the details that create and summarize it, playing on the representation of the character of the hero.

The following films are the basis for the research: "Window to the courtyard" 1954. Alfdred Hitchcock, "Cube" 1977. Vincenzo Natali, "Emilia Muller" 1994. Ivona Marciano, "Telephone Booth" 2002. Joel Schumacher, "Man from Earth" 2007. Richard Shankman, "1408" 2007. Mikael Hofstrom, "A Room in Rome" 2010. Julio Modem, "In the House" 2012. Francois Ozona, "Philosophers. Survival Lesson" 2013. John Huddles, "Collector" 2016. Alexey Krasovsky, "Perfect Strangers" 2016. Paolo Genovese, "Meeting Place" 2017. Paolo Genavese, "Perfect Strangers" 2017. Alexa de la Iglesia, "The Game" 2018. Freda Cavaye, "The Perfect Secret" 2019. Bora Dagtekin.

The comparative historical method of analyzing texts is the main research method. It is important to build interdisciplinary connections between textual samples of literature and visual-textual samples of cinema. The general concepts and terminology in these two types of art seem obvious: in the center of the work of the first and second art are the hero, his path and change, the chronotope and the space surrounding the hero, plot-forming functions and details. The relevance of the chosen topic is determined by the fact that the study of philological, film sciences and arts, in the determined relationship, will give a deeper understanding, perception and getting of general methodological, theoretical and practical knowledge, which in the future can be transformed into the status of useful practical skills, both for literary critics and film critics.


Chamber films, "hero's journey", J., Campbell, chronotope of chamber films, details of the chamber cinema space.