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DOI 10.52172/2587-6945_2022_22_4_107


The author focuses on the phenomenon of modern culture, which is in the process of active development, that is video poetry. The uniqueness and typicality of this phenomenon which are determined by many processes taking place in modern culture are shown. The connection of video poetry with the traditions of visual poetry, the first works of which appeared in antiquity, is considered. The question of the origins of the phenomenon of video poetry itself is touched upon. The phenomena and personalities that are associated with the first manifestations of this phenomenon, that is the fusion of cinema and poetry, in the context of world culture are mentioned. Two factors contributing to the popularization of video poetry stand out among the other. The first one is determined by the desire of the authors to find new ways of interacting with the readers in order to attract their attention and expand the influence. The second one is determined by the fact that at the beginning of the 21st century they began to organize video poetry festivals and contests. The video clips of one of these festivals – "Videostikhia", which is held in Magnitogorsk, have become the material for our research. The article analyzes the works presented at this festival. We mainly focus on the works that attracted maximum attention of both the audience and the jury. The main question that is being asked is what is the role of color and light in video clips related to the art of poetry, cinema, painting, and music. Thorough analysis revealed a connection with the traditions of cinematography in working with color (attention is paid to the reception of using color: from a bright palette to monochrome or using only black and white film rather than to the diversity and symbolism of color), and with painting. In particular, the similarities between paintings made in the grisaille technique and some video clips of the festival were revealed.


Video poetry, festival "Videostichiya", light and color images, monochrome, grisaille.