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The article considers the mainstream of education as a process of reproduction of activity and translation of culture. An alternative to this education is an education of mastering., The perfect and imperfect zones of time are specified in the classical scheme of the of development. The process of mastering is considered in relation to a person as a subject of education. It is emphasized that mastering proceeds from the imperfection of man himself, his past, present and future times. This is the vital foundation of life long education (LLE). The human brain is tripled in such a way that only the latest version of images, ideals and other idealizations are stored in memory. However, we are not given to know these idealizations that will arise in our future. This circumstance leads to the fact that the images and ideas of the present are the only components of the process of mastering and thinking that are independent of us. It is argued that education of mastering is closely related to understanding and hermeneutics, in particular, to F. Schleiermacher's hermeneutic circle and the process of understanding described by the δ-function. In addition, education of mastering is associated with creative education, primarily with its egalitarian forms and methods. As a result, the article approaches the problem of human ontology. The article uses methodological circuitry.

Key words

Education, sociocultural translation, reproduction, mastering, person.