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The author presents the art project "Creation of the script and a video clip on verses of Magnitogorsk poets for participation in the III International competition of video poetry "Video", realization of which is possible within the limits of educational discipline "Design activity" in a direction 45.03.01 Philology. Stakeholders, prospective customers are named, the choice of the creative project theme is argued, the problem, the solution of which determines the social demand for the product result is marked. The main goal: the popularization of poetry through the artistic development of the genre of video poetry. The analysis of the situation revealing the relevance of the project, a brief review of the study of video poetry by modern scientists, listed the most famous festivals of video poetry. The most important tasks are defined, the main stages of the art project life cycle and educational results corresponding to each stage are outlined. Project activity of the students contributes to the formation of basic abilities and competencies provided by the curriculum direction 45.03.01 Philology. The characteristics of the team working on the project (internal and external contours) are given; the requirements to the composition of the team members and the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the project implementation are marked. The ways of organization of the project implementation environment, the role of experts; possible risks of the project; supposed creative and social value of the final product are described. Particular attention is paid to cooperation between the Department of Linguistics and Literature of the Institute for Humanitarian Education of Magnitogorsk Technical University named after G. I. Nosov, on the basis of which the project is implemented, with the Visual Culture Center "Century" at the Association of City Libraries of Magnitogorsk.

Key words

Project activity, art project, product result, educational results, video poetry, script, educational environment, expert, planning.