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The article analyzes the system of images and certain imagological aspects of the novel by V. S. Solovyov "Royal Embassy". This makes it possible to form an orignal view on the historical novel of the XIX century. In addition, it provides an opportunity to create a new perspective on the historical events described in the work, thanks to the descriptions of not only of Moscow antiquity, but also of Italy given by the members of the Russian Embassy of the XVII century. The characters of the novel are considered from the point of view of the struggle taking place in the pre- Petrine Moscow society closed from the external influence, which was facilitated by the active work of the author with the primary sources. At the same time, the construction of an action around a fictional hero, a look at the problems of the Moscow state and the Italian reality allows us to draw a conclusion about the changes that are brewing in the state.


Walter-Scott tradition, imagology, historical prose, pre- Petrine Russia, stereotyping, humor, protagonist