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The problem under consideration is significant because fully functional members of the modern society should be competent not only in their professional field but they should also be able to orientate themselves in the social medium, make their choice in contingencies and indefinite situations, set goals. It is necessary for a person to have a system of value orientations, which guides him/her in the process of selfdetermination. According to the propositions of the activity approach value orientations are formed when a person performs value-oriented activities. So, the article aims to develop pedagogical means of involving students into value-oriented activities and organising it. The methods of analysis and synthesis of pedagogical experience found in the works pertaining to the corresponding field were used to achieve the goal. As a result a complex of axiological situations aimed to involve students into valueoriented activities was developed. The types, functions, stages and principles of practical usage of these situations were also determined.


Value orientations, values, self-determination, selfdetermination of university students, value-oriented activity, axiological situations, university students’ social maturity