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Currently, the legislation of many developed and developing countries, including Russia, considers formal business relations in the workplace as the only type of relationship based on which norms and rules are created. These rules and regulations are viewed as a solution to communication problems in the business realm. However, in addition to formal business relations, there are also informal business relations and friendship. Thus, informal relations, as well as friendship at work are not fully covered by legislative regulation in the international market nowadays. Nevertheless, they are important for regulating corporate culture in companies today and determining the satisfaction and even the quality of staff work. The problem of the existence and regulation of formal and informal business relations, as well as friendship, is not studied enough from the scientific perspective, either. But it is necessary to examine theoretical and practical material concerning the emergence and regulation of all components of business communication in order to increase the effectiveness of communication in business. So, the study was conducted in the form of a survey which analyses formal and informal communication at work and determines the impact of these types of communication on the quality of business relations in the company under consideration.


Formal and informal communication, communication efficiency, business realm, survey, business discourse.