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Scientific Supervisor: Svetlana V. Rudakova


The work is devoted to the problem of linguistic and cultural identity of Bessermians and the ways of its solution in the context of interethnic peace and harmony in Russia. The author emphasizes the relevance of the problem of linguistic and cultural identity of small-numbered peoples of Russia, reviews the concepts of linguistic and cultural identity. Attention is focused on how the Bessermians are currently trying to solve this problem. The peculiarities of culture, origin, and history of this nation are emphasized. The article highlights one of the ways to solve the problem of the linguistic and cultural identity of the Bessermians – i. e. the creation of dictionaries of the Bessermian language. The article tells us about the publication in 2017. It is noted that this thesaurus is divided into thematic blocks. The Bessermian words of the 2017 "Thesaurus of the Bessermian dialect: names and service parts of speech (Shamardan village dialect)" from a number of sections of this dictionary are analyzed. Based on this analysis, the conclusion is made that the language of the nation reflects its culture and history, stressing the need to preserve the language for the Bessermians. The article also explains the need for this people to continue lexicographic work, such as creating dictionaries of other Bessermian dialects, i. e. the dialects of the mono-national settlements of Yundy, Vortsy, and Zhuvam. The paper deals with the peculiarities of the perception of the Bessermians by the Udmurts, in this connection emphasizing the ability of the language to be a means of unification and division of the groups. The article focuses on the process of globalization as a threat to the national identity of small-numbered peoples of Russia. In addition, the need to preserve the languages of these peoples to maintain cultural diversity and unite different ethnic groups of the state is stated.


Linguistic identity, small-numbered peoples of Russia, Bessermians, lexicographic aspect, dictionary.