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The purpose of the article is to review and analyze critical literature aimed at the work of the modern Kuban poet Nikolai Alexandrovich Zinoviev. The work presents and analyzes more than a dozen articles and publications by different authors: Daria Root «Nikolai Zinoviev: «I have grown together with my homeland in body and soul», Nina Rozhenko «I feed my crazy muse with my heart every night...», Vladimir Shemshuchenko «When there is no light at all», Alexander Rakov «Notes on Nikolai Zinoviev», Leonid Shimko «Wanted to become the fourth», Nikolai Doroshenko «Envy and Emptiness», Viktor Barakov «The Key to the Russian Soul», Tatiana Nemchinova «The Nerve of Time and the creative Psychology of the poet N.A. Zinoviev», Vladimir Sosnovsky «Nikolai Zinoviev – Russian poet», Valentin Rasputin «Special Talent», Alexander Egorov «Let's wait for Christ», Peter Tkachenko «So the Lyre prophesies to me», Vyacheslav Rumyantsev «The Earthly share of Nikolai Zinoviev». The authors focus on the different views and assessments of critics and pay attention not only to positive judgments and comments, but also to negative ones, trying to give a complete, comprehensive analysis of the poet's work, highlight strengths and weaknesses as well. The analysis of articles is carried out, the key features peculiar to the work of Nikolai Alexandrovich Zinoviev are distinguished. The article reveals the problems of creative gift, poetic imagery and originality of writing. The author's conceptual view on the problems of Christian morality in Russian spirituality is defined. The characteristic features of the poems of the Kuban poet are emphssized and described: conciseness, imagery, metaphoricity. The authors give a generalized description of N. A. Zinoviev’s work.


Criticism, Kuban poet, N. A. Zinoviev, poetic talent.